Life and Work - Basic Computer & Internet Skills



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The Life and Work Basic Computer and Internet Skills course provides an introduction to using the internet to search for information and to communicate via email.

Students will learn how to open a Google account, how to use Google to search the internet, check the weather and how to use the Google calculator.

Students will also learn how to send a resume to a company by email, how to save job searches, make corrections and save work, and how to change a password when necessary.

Job seekers will receive instruction on entering keywords in internet searches and how to create an account on a job website in order to fill out applications online. They will learn how to distinguish effective job searches from ineffective ones, how to research companies and click on job postings to see what work is available. Finally, there is a section on how to use Google Maps to find addresses and get directions to the location of a job interview.

Price: $60.00