Life and Work - Online Job Search & Resume Building



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The Life and Work Online Job Search and Resume Building course provides an introduction to creating a professional-looking resume online or with a course-provided resume and cover letter template to get learners started.

Students will learn how to gather the information they need to build a customized resume, fill in any gaps in their work experience and choose relevant skills for the job they are applying to. Since the demand for online job applications has increased, they will also learn how to use popular online job websites such as Indeed and the Job Bank to build their resumes, start online job applications, as well as keep track of jobs they have applied to.

Students will also learn how to tell whether or not a job is a good fit, and if so, whether they need to make changes to their resume to match their skills to the job requirements.

At the end of the course, students will have the confidence and knowledge to begin an effective job search independently.

Price: $60.00